Who is LAMA?

LAMA is a non-profit organization that provided care and supplies to impoverished towns in Latin America using physician volunteers from around the United States. From dental check-ups to cleft lip repairs, our physicians provide a wide array of life-altering procedures. Through youth activities, nutritional education and general health awareness seminars, LAMA also provides the locals in these towns with the tools to continue positive patterns and behaviors in regards to their health, long after volunteers have returned to the States.

What do we do?

During our past three trips to San Vicente, LAMA has treated an astonishing 1500 people. Not only do our doctors provide generalized checkups and care, but specialists, including gynecologists, dentists, cardiologists, and anesthesiologists, can perform imperative procedures. Many of the people our clinic treats during our mission trips make around $1.50 a day; Not only can they not afford medical care, but proper medical care is rarely available in these rural areas and families must travel long distances to receive even the most basic of medical treatment.